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Apple Discount Sales and Repair

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Don’t want to wait for days on end to schedule an appointment at your local genius bar?

No problem! Our Tulsa based repair shop works hard to keep slots open for “urgent” repairs. Our repair shop is Apple exclusive, so whether you’re looking for repair of a broken Apple Watch, cracked iPhone screen, broken iPad screen, slow Mac or another issue, we can get you in and out quickly.

Not in the Tulsa area? No problem! Just reach out to us on the contact page, or on social @iGeniusStore and we’ll get you instructions on how to mail in your device.

Call us today at 918-406-6152 or click HERE to get your repair started.

Don't bring your Android devices to iGeniusStore, unless you want to walk out with an Apple product...

We are Apple

Leave your Android devices at home when you visit iGeniusStore. Why? Because we are Apple Exclusive.


We are Apple fans just like you, and we realized something years ago...if you’re not the owner of Apple products, you just don’t get it. Being Apple exclusive allows us to give you the best service - EVERY SINGLE TIME.


So kick back and enjoy the site, Apple user, you’ve earned it!

A Mac that
fits your needs.

Purchase a MacBook Air from iGeniusStore

Need a special order Mac? Our custom shop will “spec-out” your Apple device whether it’s brand new, or pre-owned. You might ask, “What about a device that I already own?”


That’s simple!


All you have to do is select that option on our page, send us your current Apple product, and we’ll do the rest.

Setting up the Apple product of your dreams has never been this easy!

iGeniusStore offers Apple products at the best value every time

You won't find
a better value.

We warranty EVERYTHING. That’s right, we said it...EVERYTHING! How many times have you looked to buy something online only to find that there is no warranty on it...especially if it’s used...


Not to worry. All new and pre-owned items on this site are sold with a hassle-free guarantee, which allows you to purchase without being concerned about your Apple product failing in the near future.No one offers this type of coverage, and we mean no one.